Grace of Apostolic Fruitfulness


“The covenant of love inspires us to become holy for the sake of those entrusted to us, to live exemplary lives, and to share with others the spiritual riches we possess. In the shrine we receive new strength for the mission and new apostolic zeal to fulfill our baptismal commitment. As members of Christ’s mystical body we have become sharers in his priestly, prophetic, and royal office. We have responsibilities to fulfill for the kingdom of God on earth, to reach out to the person next to us.”

(SCHOENSTATT An Introduction)


Grace of Apostolic Fruitfulness

Father Joseph Kentenich & Deacon John Pozzobon

Instruments in Marys Hands

  Desire to be an Instrument of God

Instruments of the Three Pilgrimage Graces of the Shrine

Fruitful for the Church – To Serve and Evangelize

REVIEW – The Grace of Apostolic Fruitfulness