Pilgrim Mother

The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate (known also as the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign) is… …an apostolate within the Catholic Church, with a modern pastoral method and a specific objective to evangelize families in these new times.  It is part of the Pilgrims’ Movement within Schoenstatt. It reaches out to everyone, promoting Christian values and providing deep encounters with Christ through Mary.

In the strength of the new evangelization, people are sent out from the Schoenstatt Shrine with the Pilgrim Mother:

  • to bring the message of the gospel,
  • to inspire hope in times of worries and needs,
  • and to reach out into the homes and parishes with the three pilgrimage graces:
    • Grace of Being at Home
    • Grace of Inner Transformation
    • Grace of Apostolic Fruitfulness.

A three-year program of Visit Notes is offered to those who receive the Pilgrim Mother Shrine in their homes.  The Visit Notes educate the members about the Schoenstatt Spirituality and include topics about The Pilgrimage Graces of the Shrine, The Covenant of Love, and the Home Shrine.