Covenant Spirituality

Covenant is the underlying structure of God’s history with us.  God established a covenant with Adam and Eve which was broken by sin.  Yet God promised a new covenant through Jesus.  Throughout the Old Testament God establishes covenants.  With Abraham, God promises a great nation.  With Moses, God give us the Ten Commandments.  With Jesus, we have the New Covenant – the Body and Blood of Christ.

Mary is the bridge between the Old and New Testaments through her “yes” in the Incarnation.

A covenant is a mutual agreement with a lasting relationship of trust and love.

Mary comes to us as God’s instrument in Schoenstatt to dwell, to educate, and to help make saints as we strive for sanctity via the capital of grace.

In Schoenstatt there are many ways to strive for sanctity.  One can begin with Marian visits with the Pilgrim Mother that can grow into making a Covenant of Love.  Gradually, one will want to grow that Covenant into a way of life that may include a Home Shrine where Mary is present in a visible way in our home, and, of course, there is the Heart Shrine where Mary is always with us, always guiding us to Jesus.