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  • Message from Sr. Isabel to SRC Missionaries

    Dear SRC Missionaries, Soon we will crown our images of the Pilgrim Mother and with that storm Heaven with the countless petitions we have for our Blessed Mother, but in particular, for our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters and for our country. Pronto coronaremos nuestras imagenes de la Virgen Peregrina, y con ese acto esperamos…

  • Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign – All over the USA

    Here is a video showing Auxiliary Shrines and Pilgrim Shrines in procession and with devotion from the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign events: Click Here  

  • Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

    The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign (SRC) is an apostolate within the Catholic Church that reaches out to everyone, promoting Christian values and providing deep encounters with Christ through Mary.  For more information, click here.  

  • Schoenstatt Jubilee Memories

    The Schoenstatt Jubilee celebration in Schoenstatt, Germany is over and the meeting with Pope Francis on the Schoenstatt Movement in Rome is over, but the memories have been recorded and live on.  Click here to view the wonderful experiences and may the coming 100 years be even more fruitful than the first 100 years!

  • EWTN Schoenstatt Jubilee Year Events

    EWTN Presented Schoenstatt Jubilee Year Events! Below was the EWTN Schoenstatt events: October 16:  10 am – Noon CST;  Schoenstatt – Welcome and Mass October 17:   Noon – 2 pm CST;  Schoenstatt – Night of the Shrine October 18:   3 am – 5 am CST;  Schoenstatt – Jubilee Ceremony and Mass October 18:   9:30 am – Noon CST;  Schoenstatt…

  • WSFI Spotlight on Schoenstatt

    WSFI 88.5 FM Catholic Radio spotlights Schoenstatt and its 100 Year Jubilee with Fr. Gerold Langsch, U.S. Movement Director, and Melissa Tebben, Schoenstatt Federation Member.  The International Schoenstatt Shrine and Retreat Center will celebrate the 100 Year Jubilee Celebration October 9-12.

  • USA Schoenstatt Daughter Shrines

    Schoenstatt daughter shines in the United States of America and throughout the would are replicas of the original shrine dedicated to Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, located in Schoenstatt, Germany.  The daughter shrines are a place of grace where the Marian movement of holiness provides a way of life to fulfill…

  • Christmas Eve and Jubilee Year Adoration Sisters Prayers

    You may add names on a “star” which on Christmas Eve will be brought to the manger as a gift to the Christ Child in Schoenstatt, Germany.  The Adoration Sisters, who pray in the Shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, will pray for the named “stars” in this Shrine during…

  • Schoenstatt Begins Jubilee Year

    On October 18, 2013, the Schoenstatt movement began its Jubilee Year with a special ceremony at the original shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany.  Click here for details on events through October 18, 2014.       

  • Father Gerold Langsch Presentations

    Father Gerald Langsch has made a number of presentations on various religious subjects.  Here are few for your viewing: What is Schoenstatt? Covenant of Love What is Spirituality? Writing God a Blank Check Freedom and Spiritual Striving Inscriptio:  Writing My Heart into the Heart of Mary Mary and Schoenstatt Spirituality Childlikeness and Schoenstatt Schoenstatt Spirituality…