2019 Pilgrim Mother Convention

The 2019 Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Convention took place at the International Retreat Center in Waukesha, WI from Thursday June 27 – Sunday June 30.  The Convention’s theme was Our Covenant for the Church!  Present were more than 100 attendees from 15 States.  We had a group of 5 from our area who attended the Convention:  Linda and Kent Jeanneret, Christine Poddig, Keith and Carol Mechler.  It was a fun filled 4 days of beautiful Liturgies, Talks, Workshops, Testimonies, Group Discussions, Shopping, and a Pilgrimage to St. Michael Parish, Exile Shrine, and Movement House in Milwaukee, WI. 

   Alberto and Maria Garcia from Texas were the MC’s for the Convention.  They introduced the theme on Thursday evening and provided information and guidance throughout the rest of the weekend.

   Carole DiFabio and Kathy Gall were our pianists for the weekend Liturgies and did a beautiful job leading the music and hymns Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  Ann, Luis, and Carol made up the choir and Carol added instrument accompaniment with her clarinet.

   Friday’s schedule included Sister Isabel’s presentation “Missionaries of the Covenant Today!”  She also gave a workshop “Mary Reaches Us! Share the Fire of our Covenant of Love!” in which she outlined the necessary education and preparation for the Covenant of Love with the MTA for Schoenstatt Pilgrims.  Schoenstatt Father Francisco Rojas gave a workshop titled “Mary Guides Us!  Light the Way to Practical Faith in Divine Providence”.  Carol Mechler gave a workshop titled “Mary Among Us!  Open hearts for the Three Graces from the Shrine” in which Visit Notes on the Three Graces, the Covenant of Love Promises and Requests, and the Home Shrine where discussed regarding their purpose and where online they can be accessed for educational purposes for the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate.  Father Edwin from CA gave a testimony about his history with Schoenstatt and how he is using Schoenstatt spirituality with a Men’s Group he started in his parish.

   Our Saturday Liturgy was in the basement of St. Michael Parish.  Father Kentenich served as Pastor at St. Michael’s and celebrated many Holy Masses there with the German families.  Sister Margarite talked to us about “Father Kentenich:  Pastor of Pilgrims”.  Many of the Convention participants accompanied the International Auxiliary Shrine praying the Rosary through the streets of Milwaukee from St. Michael’s to the Exile Shrine.  Saturday ended with a Covenant of Love Ceremony in the Shrine in which 14 attendees made the Covenant of Love for Pilgrims. 

   Sunday’s concluded with Holy Mass followed by a Rosary Procession to the Shrine and a Commission Renewal and Sending Out Ceremony for Missionaries.  Such a beautiful weekend for all as shown in just a few photos below.  For more, see www.schoenstattrosarycampaign.com

2018 Covenant Day Celebration at MPH

A beautiful Covenant Day Celebration at Mother of Perpetual Help!

Pictured are those who made our Covenant Day Celebration special and heartwarming.  We had a good group of 14 people including one little boy.  We sang On This Day O Beautiful Mother and prayed the Rosary with meditations taken from the Requests of the Covenant of Love.  We presented our Mother and Queen with our striving to make our Covenant Day Celebration fruitful for her Schoenstatt Work.  A short commentary was given about the requirements needed to make the Covenant of Love as an Associate Member of Schoenstatt.  Afterwards, those who have made the Covenant of Love renewed their Covenant Promises.  Three Missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate renewed their commitment for another year:  Linda Jeanneret, Chris Poddig, and Carol Mechler.  We ended the evening prayer service with our consecration prayer, My Queen, my Mother.  We gathered up our Auxiliary Shrine and Pilgrim Mother Shrines and processed over to the Parish Center for refreshments and fellowship.  We enjoyed the evening very much and hope more people will join us next time. Covenant Day blessings to all!

St. John Neumann Classroom Shrines

Father Joseph’s “Blessing and Sending of Schoenstatt Classroom Pilgrim Shrines”  September 7  was attended by all the students at St. John Neuwmann Catholic Grade School located in Maryville, IL.  Father Joseph Havrilka is currently the pastor of Mother of Perpetual Help in Maryville and the school’s current administrator.
It was a wonderful Catholic Grade School experience for the children and adults alike.  Father Joseph went out of his way to make this a memorable occasion.
The children are to say the following prayer prepared by Father Joseph every school day:
Classroom Prayer to Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt
Dear Mother Mary, I want to be like you.  Help me to think of Jesus in all I say and do.  Make my hands more helpful as I work and play today.  Help me to see the good in all people I meet this day.  Open my ears to listen to those who care for me.  Let my words be loving as you would have them be.  Keep my heart pure, that, united with you and Jesus, my love may grow and grow.  Amen.
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Schoenstatt Celebration – 11/10/17


Gather at 7pm in the Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Center, Maryville, IL

Guest Speaker:  Sister Mary Isabel

Topics include:

  • New Title and Mission: Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate
  • The Importance of the Place of Honor
  • Our Role as Instruments of the Three Graces of the Shrine
  • What the Mother Thrice Admirable Image meant to John Pozzobon
  • A Shrine Experience
  • Children’s Illuminated One Decade Rosary Procession
  • Children’s Coloring project
  • Commissioning of Missionaries
  • Opportunity to sign-up to receive the Pilgrim Mother for a year:  YEAR 2 – The Promises and Requests of the Covenant of Love Refreshments, including Shrine Cookies, will be served.

Contact Carol Mechler at:  618-920-7227 or email at carol.mechler@att.net