Classroom Prayer to MTA

Dear Mother Mary,

I want to be like you.  Help me to think of Jesus in all I say and do.  Make my hands more helpful as I work and play today.  Help me to see the good in all people I meet this day.  Open my ears to listen to those who care for me.  Let my words be loving as you would have them be.  Keep my heart pure, that, united with you and Jesus, my love may grow and grow.


Morning Offering Prayer

Morning Offering

What I bear and endure,
what I say and what I dare,
what I think and what I cherish,
all the merits that I gain,
what I direct and what I conquer,
all my joys and all my sorrows,
what I am and what I have,
I give to you as a gift of love.
Use it so that the holy stream of graces
flowing richly from the shrine
may fill the souls of those
who have given their hearts to Schoenstatt
and gently lead there
all those whom you wish to choose in kindness.
Accept everything that our efforts may be fruitful
which we dedicate to the Trinity.

Home Shrine Prayer

Home Shrine Prayer (written by Father Kentenich in Milwaukee, May 1965)

My room (home) is your shrine,
where you work to the glory of the Father,
There He transforms my entire begin
into the Trinity’s most beloved shrine,
where the sanctuary light constantly burns
and the glow of love never dies;
where the fire of sacrifice upon sacrifice
banishes all selfishness from the heart;
where roses adorn the altar
and lilies never cease to bloom;
where paradisal breezes waft
and raise heart and mind to heaven;
where the spirit of the world cannot enter
as in the eternal city of Sion;
where peace reigns and happiness laughs
because God’s angel keeps diligent watch;
where Christ rules and is triumphant
and leads the whole world to the Father.