March 14, 2022 – Home Shrine Dedication and Covenant of Love

We welcome Diane and Kevin Helmold to our Home Shrine Circle under the mantle of our Illinois Schoenstatt Auxiliary Shrine.  Diane made her Covenant of Love during their Home Shrine Dedication on March 14 facilitated by Deacon Rob Morris of Queen of Martyrs Church, Chicago, IL.  They had a house full with their four children and families attending the celebration.

May 15th Home Shrine Dedication

Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted has been chosen by Linda and her husband Leonard and their daughter Emily as the title and mission of their Home Shrine.  Even though they dedicated their Home Shrine May 3, the official anniversary date of their Home Shrine is May 15 in honor of this Feast Day of our Blessed Mother. Father Rob Johnson, pastor of Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Maryville, IL, officiated the Home Shrine Dedication.

May 31st Home Shrine Dedication

The Nazareth Home where our Mother of Mercy waits with open arms has been chosen by Jeannie and Ken as the title and mission of their Home Shrine.  They dedicated their Home Shrine May 31 the Feast Day of Mary’s Visitation to her cousin Elizabeth. Father Paul Nguyen, OMV from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Alton, IL officiated the Dedication celebration.

Backyard Shrine

Chris and her family create a Backyard Shrine that was blessed by Fr. Joseph on July 6, 2014 that is entitled:  Faith, Family, Friends.

Backyard Shrine Fr & Family 3

Here is their dedication prayer:

“Just as Christian wayside shrines throughout the world give comfort and reassurance to weary travelers, we have chosen to carry that tradition in a small way into our home.  We’ve chosen to place an MTA wayside shrine near the entrance way to our home to reassure us, our family, friends and visitors that our home is also a place of faith, comfort and welcome.
Whether we are returning from a long journey or quietly meditating on our patio and enjoying the silence and beauty of the wonderful home that God has blessed us, we thank Him for reminding us of His continual presence and care through sacred images placed lovingly along our way.”

Auxiliary Shrine Presentation

Susana’s home shrine crown from her Home Shrine entitled “Mother Thrice Admirable Eucharistic Shrine, Mother Thrice Admirable Infinite Eucharistic Queen” was represented with the Illinois Auxiliary Shrine at her funeral Mass at St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Church October 7, 2013.  Click here for Fr. Bill’s sermon.


Home Shrine Dedication in September

Rose, from the MTA Illinois Cathedral group, made her home shrine dedication with her family on September 21, 2013.  The title of their home shrine is Mother of Peace and Unity.  Fr. Gerold Langsch officiated with the participation of the whole immediate family and MTA Illinois Schoenstatt members.

WP_20130921_001        WP_20130921_009

Dear Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt, make our Home Shrine “Mother of Peace and Unity” a place where our family can come to as individuals or as a group to honor you and make our special request. We promise to confide in you as our Holy Mother and look forward to the help and teachings you will provide us in our daily activities. We will live the life as you and the Lord our Redeemer have set for us within the Catholic Church. Please transform all who dwell here and all who walk through the doors of our home, for our home is now your home to do with as you will.

Living Home Shrine Litany


Lord, have mercy on us Christ, have mercy on us
Lord, have mercy on us; Christ, hear us Christ, graciously hear us
God, the Father of heaven Have mercy on us
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world Have mercy on us
God, the Holy Spirit Have mercy on us
Holy Trinity, One God Have mercy on us
Holy Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable Pray for us

Mother and Queen of our Home Shrine:

A Nazareth Home – A Holy Family:  Pray for us and form each member of our family in the image of St. Joseph, the Blessed Mother, and the Christ Child. (Fred and Chris)

DSCF2030 - Poddig HS

Hunger for Love Everlasting:   Pray for us and keep us focused in our desire to serve our Lord with your help and to achieve everlasting happiness in heaven. Mary, we have crowned you with the title Queen of Our Heart and Soul and ask you to join us, participate in our lives, and gently guide us in the right direction. (Norman and /Christine)

Mother and Queen of Our Family:  Pray for us and take our family members by the hand & lead them down the path traced out for them by God, our Father. Dearest Mother, make of us another holy family – a community of love & life.  (Marge, Keith, and Carol)

IMG_1672 - Marge and Mechler HS

Mother Thrice Admirable Eucharistic Shrine, Mother Thrice Admirable Infinite Eucharistic Queen:  Pray for us. Through YOU, we unite ourselves to JESUS and enter into Communion with HIM so HE may live in us and us in HIM – and receive the Miracles of HIS Infinite Eucharistic Love and Grace to
become HIS Holy and Perfect Eucharistic Children – CHRIST-Like and MARY-Like and reign with HIM and HER in Heaven forever and ever. Amen. (Susana)

IMG_0524 - Susana HS

My Way of Life – Queen Mother, Splendor of Heaven:  Pray for us and be my
Guardian in all my endeavors and undertakings. Give me the confidence to dare to believe in the great friendship and unconditional Love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Alicia)

IMG_0531 - Alice HS

Our Mother and Queen of Faith, Hope, and Love:  Pray for us and continue to give us the grace of faith, hope, and love and have our family really recognize and to live this grace and do your Son’s will forever and ever. Amen. (Ida, Mario, and Sonia)

IMG_0519 - Sida HS

Our Mother & Queen, Our Perfect Prayer Partner:  Pray for us and teach us as children at your knee to pray with our hearts. Take us deep into the heart of Jesus your Son. (Keith and Carol)

IMG_1691 - Mechler HS

Queen of Love and Peace:  Pray for us and may the Love and Peace of JESUS and MARY reign in our heart, mind, soul – our whole being always and radiate them to all HIS children to win all souls and reign with HIM eternally in Heaven. (Erlinda and Family)

IMG_0525 - Erlinda Fernandez HS

Queen of Loving Peace:  Pray for us and keep our 10 hearts joined together in loving peace with your heart Mary. From your heart in the Shrine, intercede the graces you know our hearts need to be able to fly heavenwards like the butterfly set free from its earthly struggles. May all of our hearts always know happiness and loving peace in, with, and for each other. Amen. (Paul and Margie)

IMG_0511 - Capelle HS

Queen of Peace:  Pray for us and grant us peace when we are troubled. In the midst of doubt, worry, stress, and sadness, please envelop us with your everlasting calmness. (Elsa, Tony, Anna, Ed, and Jenny)

IMG_0529 - Naddeo HS

The Cenacle:  Pray for us and implore for us the Holy Spirit to free us from the scourge of half-heartedness, guide us to the teaching of Christ, and enkindle in us the spirit of the apostles and martyrs. Then our weak eyes of faith will be strengthened so that we might see life as God sees it and always walk by heaven’s light. (Susan)

Susan Centacle HS image

Mother of Peace and Unity:  Pray for us that we may live our life as you and our Redeemer have set for us within the Catholic Church.  Transform our homes and all who dwell within or visit doing with us as you will.  (Rose and Richard)


Mary Most Sweet, Comforter of the Afflicted and Refuge of Sinners:    Pray for us that your most sweet fragrance may ever permeate our homes and emanate to the world, so that we may never fear approaching you and allow you to carry us to the tenderest of all loves found in the Sacred Heart of your Son. (Sarah)

Sarah Home Shrine

The Nazareth Home where our Mother of Mercy waits with open arms:
Dear Mother Thrice Admirable, please pray for us and for all those for whom we are praying and ministering to.  Make our home a Nazareth Home.  Mother of Mercy waiting with open arms, gather us to your merciful heart and to the merciful heart of Jesus, your Son. (Jeannie and Ken)
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Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted:  Dear Mother Thrice Admirable, Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted, please pray for us and all those for whom we are praying and ministering to.  Kindly intercede for us from Jesus, your Son, God’s help and healing. (Linda, Leonard, and Emily)
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The Nazareth Home Where Our Mother of Mercy Waits With Open Arms:

Ark of the Covenant:

Mother of Safe Harbors:

Queen conceived without original sin Pray for us
Queen assumed into heaven Pray for us
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Pray for us
Queen of Peace Pray for us

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world Spare us, O Lord
Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world Graciously hear us, O Lord
Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world Have mercy on us

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God That we may be made worthy
of the promises of Christ

LET US PRAY: Dearest Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, with all our hearts we venerate you above all the Angels and Saints in Heaven as the beloved Child of the Father, Mother of the Son, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. We consecrate to you this day our eyes, our ears, our mouths, our hearts, our entire selves without reserve, beseeching you to obtain for us from the most Holy Triune God, all the graces we need for our salvation.


August 2013 Home Shrine in Garden

Chris dedicated a Mariengarten entitled “A Nazareth Garden – Flowers of Faith” on June 8, 2013, the 22nd anniversary of Chris and Fred’s Home Shrine entitled “A Nazareth Home, A Holy Family”.  The geranium means beautiful lady for the Blessed Mother, the beautiful lady of the garden.  The ground ivy means “where God has walked” for Fred’s symbol.  The marigold is the rosary plan and is Chris’s symbol.  The bellflower means Bethlehem Star which is the symbol for all their children and grandchildren.

Their Mariengarten Prayer:
“Heavenly Father, we dedicate this Marian garden to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) and ask Your blessing upon the Mary statue and the perennial flowers planted here.  May our MTA, the beautiful lady of the garden, distribute gifts, graces, & blessings of faith in abundance to all who look upon it.  And, may the flowers of our faith grow so that we, like this new Marian garden, can become instruments in the hands of our MTA for the renewal of the world through Christ, in the Holy Spirit, to the glory of you, God our loving Father.  Amen.”

The Heavenly Father responded, Lev 26:11-12, “I will establish my dwelling place among you and shall not reject you.  I shall walk among you; I shall be your God & you shall be my people”.

IMG_1646 - HS Mariengarten - Chris3