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  • 2020 Home Shrine Meetings

  • Day of Recollection – October 26, 2017

    Father Gerold Langsch presented the topics of Love and the Impact of Evil on the Family.  Here are a few pictures from the day:      

  • Day of Recollection – 10/26/17

    Father Gerold Langsch will lead the Day of Recollection on Thursday, October 26, 2017, from 9 am to 2 pm at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Pierron, IL. Agenda includes: Morning Talk, Holy Mass, Pot-luck Lunch, Confession, Afternoon Talk, Benediction Please join us and bring a dish to share! In Jesus and Mary’s hands…

  • Schoenstatt Day of Recollection on 9/26/14

    Fr. Gerold Langsch presented a Day of Recollection at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Pierron, IL.  The focus was on Faith and the Schoenstatt commitment to Mary of “Nothing without you; nothing without us!”. Faith through doctrine, devotion, and life is human cooperation with divine grace.  As we strive toward holiness, we ask:  What do I…

  • Schoenstatt Movement Structure

    St. Peter’s Cathedral and Mother of Perpetual Help groups are studying My Covenant Way in preparation for Membership Dedication.  To help understand what Membership Dedication is, a graph of the Schoenstatt Movement Structure (see below) has been used.  The graph is from the Covenant of Love series by Sr. Jessica Swedzinski.

  • Schoenstatt Day of Recollection on 9/20/13

    Fr. Gerold Langsch conducted a Schoenstatt Day of Recollection at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Pierron, IL.  The day consisted of educational talks, Mass, Confession, and Benediction. Here is Fr. Gerold as he gives one of his Schoenstatt inspiring talks: And, Fr. Joseph, pastor of Mother of Perpetual Hep, Maryville, IL particpated: Here is a…

  • MPH 09/17/13 Schoenstatt Group Meeting

    On September 17, 2013, Fr. Langsch joined the Mother of Perpetual Help group to say Mass and talk about the Schoenstatt Home Shrine and spirituality of Susana as she nears death.

  • EWTN Catholic Formation

    **************** SPECIAL EVENT! ************** FR. GEROLD LANGSCH on EWTN CATHOLIC FORMATION – “MADE IN HIS IMAGE” SERIES Six part series on “Made in His Image” airs Friday, August 23rd, through Friday, August 30th at 2 am CST and 5:30 pm CST as follows: Fri  8/23, Who am I? Mon  8/26, God, Master Educator Tues 8/27, Holiness…

  • August 2013 Education Meeting

    August 2013 meeting continued discussion from sermons and presentations of the Home Shrine Congress, June 2013, at the Schoenstatt International Center: 1. Here is a summary of two Home Shrine sermons given by Fr. Gerold Langsch and Fr. Mark Niehaus from their Masses: Sermons on Living the Home Shrine (Text) For the video of the…

  • July 2013 Education Meeting

    Here is a document and an image used at our July 2013 meeting that came from the Home Shrine Conference, June 2013, at the Schoenstatt International Center: 1. Click on the link below to open the text: Seeking the Truth in the Covenant of Love by Carlsons July 2013 Click here to view the video…