August 2013 Home Shrine

Susan’s Home Shrine was dedicated Aug 13, 2013 and officiated by Father Joseph Havrilka, pastor of Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Maryville, IL.  The name of Susan’s Home Shrine is “The Cenacle”.  Her symbol is the sword of St. Michael to fight for his Values.  The mission statement for her Home Shrine was dictated by Father Kentenich on Aug 13, 1944 as part of Schoenstatt’s Little Office for Vespers:

“The sun makes ready for the night and invites us to enter the CENACLE.  There you implored the Spirit for the Church who freed her from the scourge of half-heartedness, guided her to the teaching of Christ and enkindled in her the spirit of the apostles and the martyrs.  That is how you want to work in our shrine:  strengthening our weak eyes of faith so that we might see life as God sees it and always walk by heaven’s light.  In this light of faith let me see how the Father’s love wished to accompany me today.  Let loyalty to our mission be my thanksgiving for the boundless gifts he has showered on me in love.  Glory be joyfully given to the Father through Christ with Mary, highly praised, in the Holy Spirit full of splendor from the universe now and in all eternity.  Amen.”

IMG_0029 - HS Susan with Fr Havrilka